Yacht Delivery on Intra-coastal Waterways

Every year, loads and loads of people flock to the Sunshine State of Florida for their annual vacations. Those who are lucky enough to travel here to spend “season” oftentimes like to have their personal vessels brought down too. This makes perfect sense. The weather in SE Florida is glorious compared to the NE USA states during these months. In all reality, few people up North would even consider going out on their boats during the late fall, winter and early spring months. By hiring an Intracoastal Waterway (inland route) yacht delivery company, seasonal residents can have their vessels ready for anything while they are on holiday. Hiring an experienced boat delivery captain and crew is the only safe way to get your vessel delivered from the NE sector of the US to SE Florida. Simex International - Marine Surveyor Fort Lauderdale will gladly handle your vessel delivery from anywhere in the NE USA and bring the boat to your location in SE Florida.

Boat Delivery to SE Florida

People who do not own vessels have no clue about the intense attraction and relationship that boat owners have with their babies. To most people, it sounds rather odd and eerily strange however; to seafarers this is quite normal. In all honesty, most boat owners have a hard time being away from their vessels for more than a week, so being gone for half a year would be brutal. In order to bring your vessel down to SE Florida, you will need to hire a professional yacht delivery Captain to handle moving it. Simex International - Marine Surveyor Fort Lauderdale is the premiere yacht delivery on intra-coastal waterway service in SE Florida.

SE Florida Inland Route Vessel Delivery

Once the month of September starts coming to a close, vessel owners from the NE USA start scrambling to find Intracoastal Waterway experienced companies that can get their boats moved in a reasonable amount of time. The typical boat delivery service simply cannot handle the movement of certain vessels from the Northern states to SE Florida. It’s always safer to seek out an experienced vessel Captain who specializes in providing this inland route boat delivery in New England, the Mid-Atlantic States and Southeast Florida. At Simex International - Marine Surveyor Fort Lauderdale, we take care of your vessel as if it were our own.

The Right Vessel Delivery Company

Whether you need a small boat to be moved using the inland route or larger yacht by passing Cape Hatteras on the intra-coastal waterway, Simex International LLC can handle the job. Our professional Captains have great experience providing safe vessel delivery services throughout the Atlantic Coastal States to SE FL. Call 954-854-8181 to schedule your boat delivery from Simex International - Marine Surveyor Fort Lauderdale.