Marine Insurance Evaluation Surveys in West Palm Beach

Many people and even new boat owners do not realize that you are required in Florida to insure your watercraft vessel, it is a state requirement just like insuring your vehicle on roadways. This protects you, your vessel and other’ property. The biggest difference between insuring your vehicle and your watercraft is that the insurance companies for watercraft vessels require a marine insurance evaluation survey. This must be completed by a vessel evaluation inspector. Until this evaluation survey is completed you cannot secure the required insurance for your vessel in West Palm Beach. Simex International Marine Surveyors will relieve all the stress of getting this completed.

Marine Insurance Evaluation Surveys

Each insurance company has their own specifications according to the type of insurance you choose or are required to have, and their underwriter’s requirements. They could require a simple survey in the water, or a dry-out of the water-survey and some will allow a rigged location survey completion. We are here to ensure that you have the correct and fully completed survey that you require to secure the proper insurance. Simex International Marine Surveyors will exceed your expectations for professionalism and service.

Marine Evaluation Surveys in West Palm Beach

Because of the nature of the luxury environment in and around West Palm Beach, there are vessel insurance inspectors whom are not always available. They are independent contractors, typically, and work when they choose. Many also own their own vessels and want to enjoy them as well, so when the weather is good they do not want to have to work. Being a professional vessel insurance inspector Simex International Marine Surveyors in West Palm Beach, do not believe that is the proper way to work. Yes, we enjoy our free time as much as the next person, but we also strive to meet our clients at their convenience. Obtaining the correct insurance survey and proper coverage can be a very frustrating and stressful time for vessel owners, we will help to alleviate that stress within your schedule.

Marine Insurance Surveys in Palm Beach County

Call Simex International Marine Surveyors at 954-854-8181 to learn more about marine insurance evaluation surveys in West Palm Beach. Simex International Marine Surveyors also offer marine surveyor services in Palm Beach County, vessel evaluation inspections and family boats training. We are accredited marine surveyors and we take pride in our professionalism and services to ensure that we simplify the process and you are completely satisfied.