Transoceanic Yacht Delivery

Relocating a large vessel from one coastal waterway to another can be a daunting task, even for a seasoned mariner. This is especially true when it comes down to manoeuvring the vessel through the locks of the Panama Canal. Considering the locks are only a little over one hundred feet wide, there’s no shame in finding it to be a bit more than the average yacht owner can handle. In all honesty, it’s much wiser to play it safe, rather than be sorry later on down the line. You certainly would not want your precious vessel to be damaged because of your lack of experience going through the canal! Many mariners opt to hire an experienced Captain who is extremely familiar with the transoceanic delivery of vessels. You should never let your lack of expertise jeopardize the safety of your vessel, and those who are aboard it. Or those who are aboard yachts in the area. Simex Marine Surveyors offers a seasoned Captain with decades of experience for transoceanic yacht delivery worldwide.

Panama Canal Route Vessel Delivery

Traversing the locks of the Panama Canal is not something that should be taken lightly, or without a significant amount of thought and research. When a yacht becomes damaged, the owner must deal with the insurance company. That can be a real nightmare, in and above itself. Of course, the owner would also need to contact a company to complete a marine damage survey in Fort Lauderdale, or wherever the vessels goes to port. Dealing with the insurance company, and then the repairs certainly isn’t something that any boat owner would like to do. Using the professional services of an expert Captain is the best option. Simex Marine Surveyors provides quality vessel delivery through the Panama Canal and beyond.

Fort Lauderdale Transoceanic Delivery for Yachts

Those who purchase vessels from a different area will not be familiar enough with the boat to be able to safely take it from one coast to the other by way of the narrow locks of the Panama Canal. Attempting to do so without thoroughly knowing the vessel could prove dangerous. Enlisting the services of a Captain who can safely get your new purchase to your desired port is essential. Simex Marine Surveyors offers a professional Captain for the transoceanic delivery of all vessels, large and small.

Vessel Delivery Via Panama Canal Route

Simex Marine Surveyors offers complete marine services in Fort Lauderdale. With an expert Captain, your vessel will surely be in the best hands possible. Call 954-854-8181 to speak to the experts about transoceanic delivery services for the Panama Canal route.