Looking into buying a boat? We offer Pre-Purchase surveys, and check the condition of your existing yachts.

  • A Pre-Purchase, or Condition and Value Survey, is a complete inspection of the vessel in the water, out of the water, and during a sea trial. It is used to inform the buyer of possible repairs or missing equipment on a vessel prior to its purchase. It also offers a fair market value on the vessel and is usually required to obtain insurance or financing.

An impartial critical examination of a yacht to ascertain facts regarding its condition and to arrive at a reasonable approximation as to its Fair Market Value using the well recognized standards enumerated by the USCG, ABYC, NFPA, SOLAS, ISO and others.

The vessel’s structure, its support systems, equipment and electronics are inspected and tested, the vessel is dry-docked and Engine/System/Sea trials are conducted. 

  • Included is a close cold examination of the outside of the engine blocks for broken wiring, loose attachments, oil and water leaks, fluid checks, engine mounts, exhaust hull penetrations, raw water through hulls and strainers, discharge through hulls where visible, bonding and grounding etc. Bottom inspections of running gear, through hulls and sounding the hull for rot, delamination or thin spots. It provides an overall opinion of the structural integrity of the vessel. Haulout and associated costs to your account.

Our job is to look – survey. We are not insured to handle the vessel, the vessel’s gear, nor to dismantle parts of the vessel or its gear. To prepare the vessel for survey, and by arrangement with the owner, all lockers & compartments under berths etc, should be emptied to allow inspection. On larger crewed vessels, a crew person should be available to act as guide, witness and to empty/re-pack stowage lockers, etc.

There are several other examinations and tests may be conducted at an extra charge. Costs are calculated on a sliding scale depending on the vessel’s age, Length Over All (LOA) as measured and number of hulls. A report is produced, and includes pictures where necessary.