Yacht Owner Instruction in Fort Lauderdale

When an inexperienced person purchases his first large vessel, it is of absolute importance that he obtains proper yacht owner instruction in Fort Lauderdale. Of course, there are a lot of Captains out there who offer yacht owner lessons however; it’s essential that the classes be completely comprehensive. Focusing on only a few main points is not enough when it comes to handling a boat of this magnitude. Think about it! Before a person can get behind the wheel of a car in Fort Lauderdale, they must take driving lessons. It makes perfect sense that before taking the helm, the owner receives comprehensive yacht new owner instructions. Signing up for day or night familiarization cruises could also be a big help to the new yacht owner. Of course, whichever type of yacht owner classes you select, you will surely learn a lot. Simex International - Marine Surveyors in Fort Lauderdale offers the highest quality yacht owner lessons instructed by expert Captains.

Marine Consultants in Fort Lauderdale

A lot of boat owners in Fort Lauderdale at times feel that their vessels could be more functional for their needs. Rather than them going out to purchase a new boat, many of them find that making some structural changes can greatly improve the functionality of the vessel. Generally, this can be more cost effective, as the finished product would suit all of their needs. Another upside to revamping the vessel is that the Fort Lauderdale owner already knows that the boat has been maintained properly. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that purchasing a pre-owned boat could result in the “break out another thousand” syndrome. When an owner seeks to make changes to his vessel, it is essential that he contact qualified marine consultants in Fort Lauderdale. Simex International - Marine Surveyors in Fort Lauderdale are full service marine surveyors and marine consultants in the Fort Lauderdale area.

Marine Surveyor Yacht Shipping in Fort Lauderdale

There are plenty of people who purchase vessels that are located a very long distance from their places of residence. These people tend to face great issues trying to get their boats to their local destinations. Trying to do the legwork and finding a reliable and reputable vessel delivery company in Fort Lauderdale can be extremely time consuming, and stressful as well. On top of that, the boat owner would also have to find a marine surveyor to handle the marine survey and reports necessary for transporting the boat. Those are necessities that cannot be brushed under the rug. It’s always best for the vessel owner to contract with a Fort Lauderdale marine surveyor yacht shipping company that can handle the boat delivery process from start to finish, on your behalf. This is a stress free way to ensure that the yacht delivery goes safely and smoothly. Simex International - Marine Surveyors in Fort Lauderdale offers full service yacht shipping in Fort Lauderdale.

Marine Damage Surveys and Reports in Fort Lauderdale

There isn’t anything that shatters a mariner’s heart than seeing that his vessel, his pride and joy has sustained damage. This can be a devastating blow in more ways than one. Of course, the first thing that will need to be done is to place a call to the insurance company. Once the situation has been reported, it is essential that a marine damage surveyor in Fort Lauderdale be contacted for vessel damage reports. Naturally, the insurance carrier will require complete marine damage surveys and reports before any repairs can begin. The boat damage surveyor will perform a thorough inspection of the vessel to locate any and all damages. An accurate marine damage survey and report is then provided to the insurance company. The vessel damage surveyor at Simex International - Marine Surveyors in Fort Lauderdale provides in depth marine damage surveys throughout the Fort Lauderdale area.