Fort Lauderdale Marine Damage Surveys

For the vast majority of boat owners, their vessels are no less than children in their hearts and minds. We all have (what others call strange) attachments to our vessels. This is certainly not outside of the norm when it comes to boat ownership. You are part of a very large group that spans across the globe. When your vessel is damaged in one way or another it, it can truly be a problematic thing. Handling everything with the insurance company and marine repair facility can be super stressful, and confusing at times. The one thing you should know is that you will be required by your insurance company to have a professional marine surveyor perform a marine damage survey. There is no way around it. It’s no different from having the car insurance adjuster evaluating the damages that your vehicle sustained in an accident. It’s the way things work with insurance. Simex Marine Surveyors provides in-depth surveys for damage to vessels in Fort Lauderdale and throughout SE Florida.

Marine Insurance Evaluation Surveys in Boca Raton

Those who have owned watercrafts before, understand the intricacies involved with obtaining the proper insurance coverage for their vessels however; newcomers to the boat world are usually oblivious to how the marine insurance company world works. Unfortunately, once their blinders are removed and they become educated about the requirements, most of them are utterly baffled. They generally think vessel insurance is like car insurance; you pick up the phone, give them a VIN number and poof, you’re insured. They’re flabbergasted when they find out they need an insurance evaluation done by a marine surveyor. This is why it is important to do the research before you jump feet first into owning your own vessel. A marine insurance survey is an in-depth evaluation of the vessel and all of its systems. The insurance company needs this to gauge the value of the boat, and how much it insurance they are willing to provide. Simex Marine Surveyors offers comprehensive marine insurance evaluations throughout Palm Beach County.

Marine Surveyors in Boca Raton

If there is one thing that the vast majority of people living in South Florida can agree upon, it’s the fact that they all love the water, and everything that living near it brings. From basking in the sun on the silky sand beaches, and frolicking in the water as the waves lap at the shore, to casting into the bay in hope of catching a big fish, and feeling the waves under the boat as you race across the Atlantic, most residents love it all. It is most people’s dream to actually own their own boats, so they can go out on the water whenever they feel the need to experience that freedom that boating provides. Unfortunately, many people see a vessel that looks nice, and make a spur of the moment decision to buy it. Unfortunately, most of those buyers quickly realize that they were bamboozled, and spent their hard-earned savings on a money pit. This can be avoided very easily, if you make sure to have a professional inspect the boat before you hand over your cash. Simex Marine Surveyors offer complete pre-purchase inspections for vessels in Palm Beach County.

Atlantic to Pacific Ocean Route Yacht Delivery

There are plenty of yacht owners who firmly believe that they can easily take the helm of their vessels and make their way from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean by way of the famous Panama Canal. While it definitely sounds like it would be an incredible adventure and experience to do so, many mariners find it difficult to maneuver their large vessels through the narrow locks. In all reality, the locks are only a little bit wider that one hundred feet across. This could certainly pose a major league problem for the average boater. It can truly be quite daunting however; a professional Captain could handily take on this task without issue. All of the YouTube videos and Yachting magazine articles in the world cannot make up for lack of experience with a vessel. It is absolutely essential that an expert Captain handle the trip from coast to coast for you. Of course, you certainly could stay aboard the vessel during the transoceanic trip. Simex Marine Surveyors provides complete yacht delivery services from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific Coast.