Atlantic to Pacific Ocean Route Yacht Delivery

There are plenty of yacht owners who firmly believe that they can easily take the helm of their vessels and make their way from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean by way of the famous Panama Canal. While it definitely sounds like it would be an incredible adventure and experience to do so, many mariners find it difficult to maneuver their large vessels through the narrow locks. In all reality, the locks are only a little bit wider that one hundred feet across. This could certainly pose a major league problem for the average boater. It can truly be quite daunting however; a professional Captain could handily take on this task without issue. All of the YouTube videos and Yachting magazine articles in the world cannot make up for lack of experience with a vessel. It is absolutely essential that an expert Captain handle the trip from coast to coast for you. Of course, you certainly could stay aboard the vessel during the transoceanic trip. Simex Marine Surveyors provides complete yacht delivery services from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific Coast.

SE Florida Inland Route Vessel Delivery

No matter how experienced the average mariner is, learning all of the functions and quirks involved with mastering the operation of an unfamiliar vessel can be nothing short of a nightmare. It takes a lot of time to know and understand all of the intricacies involved with maneuvering an unfamiliar vessel through oftentimes, narrow intracoastal waterways. Being on the water without having a thorough knowledge of the yacht you are at the helm of can prove to be dangerous for all onboard, as well as for others which you are sharing the water. Safety should always be the top priority on the list when getting a vessel from one area to another. By hiring a professional company to take care of getting your boat from where it is to where you want it to be, you can rest assured that the vessel will get there without issue. It seems to be the smartest thing to do. Simex Marine Surveyors provides the highest quality vessel delivery services for SE Florida inland route transport available in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas.

Transoceanic Yacht Delivery

Relocating a large vessel from one coastal waterway to another can be a daunting task, even for a seasoned mariner. This is especially true when it comes down to manoeuvring the vessel through the locks of the Panama Canal. Considering the locks are only a little over one hundred feet wide, there’s no shame in finding it to be a bit more than the average yacht owner can handle. In all honesty, it’s much wiser to play it safe, rather than be sorry later on down the line. You certainly would not want your precious vessel to be damaged because of your lack of experience going through the canal! Many mariners opt to hire an experienced Captain who is extremely familiar with the transoceanic delivery of vessels. You should never let your lack of expertise jeopardize the safety of your vessel, and those who are aboard it. Or those who are aboard yachts in the area. Simex Marine Surveyors offers a seasoned Captain with decades of experience for transoceanic yacht delivery worldwide.

Marine Insurance Evaluation Surveys in West Palm Beach

Many people and even new boat owners do not realize that you are required in Florida to insure your watercraft vessel, it is a state requirement just like insuring your vehicle on roadways. This protects you, your vessel and other’ property. The biggest difference between insuring your vehicle and your watercraft is that the insurance companies for watercraft vessels require a marine insurance evaluation survey. This must be completed by a vessel evaluation inspector. Until this evaluation survey is completed you cannot secure the required insurance for your vessel in West Palm Beach. Simex International Marine Surveyors will relieve all the stress of getting this completed.