My First Vessel on my Own

Numerous boats have come and gone while I was raising my family however; after my divorce, I was found boat-less for the first time in my adult life. Yes, my husband got custody of our vessel in the divorce. This felt almost as if I had lost custody of a child, except mine are all adults now. To be truly honest with you, the extent I participated in the buying process in the past was agreeing the boat was pretty and would accommodate the number of people who would be on board. Any of the boring details were left up to my ex to deal with.

After sulking over the loss of my boat, I decided to put my big girl pants on and buy myself a vessel. I didn’t think it would be that difficult. After all, I’ve purchased cars in the past. I didn’t think it would be that much different. My stars! I was so confused, even after my brother came with me. Actually, I think he made it a little more confusing. I hope he doesn’t read this. If you do, sorry Mark.

As I said earlier, I was always worried about how pretty it looked, the number of people it slept comfortably and if there was sufficient deck space for sunbathing. I had no idea of all of the different systems and stuff that were involved in not only buying, but owning a boat. When I asked the owner of the marina where our boat was docked in the past what I need to do before I purchased my first boat on my own. He said call Simex Marine – Marine Surveyors.

I did and I am so happy that I listened to the marina owner. The first boat that I fell in love with was an absolute nightmare. They didn’t advise me not to buy it, but they gave me a very detailed pre-purchase inspection document and I was overwhelmed. I had no idea what some of these systems even were, but unfortunately, the boat was so ragged out that I would be upside down as soon as I would have purchased it. Simex Marine – Marine Surveyors saved me a boatload of money. Pardon the pun.

Finally, I came across a smaller boat that would work well for my needs. The owner took me out on the water and it seemed to run quite well. When I asked if I could have a pre-inspection performed, he told me to “have at it”. Simex Marine – Marine Surveyors did their inspection and darn near everything was great. I made the deal and have not regretted it. I appreciate the marine services that Simex performs. By the way, they did the marine insurance survey for me as well. If you’re buying a vessel, call Simex Marine – Marine Surveyors. You will not be disappointed.