Marine Surveyor Perspectives: Tropical Storm Debby damages Florida.

This has been a very active Atlantic Hurricane Season so far. June is ending today and Tropical Cyclone Debby has already wreaked havoc on large portions of Florida. I have put together a gallery of the damage from this storm. This is just to show you what can happen if you are not prepared and you don’t follow your plan to protect your vessel. This is why a marine surveyor knows how important a plan is.

As you can see boats were damaged by wind, rain, and the storm’s surge. And it didn’t just cause damage to boats, yachts, and other vessels. It tore apart piers, docks, and caused damage to wildlife such as sea turtles. This should come as no surprise to a qualified marine surveyor. Having the experience of going through many storms here in Florida, I have seen this many times.

As can be seen there are plenty of other boat owners that decided it would be easier to just wait and see what happens and the results were disastrous. Responsible boat owners are ready for anything. They have found a place that is secure to store their boat. They have removed anything from the vessel that may cause damage. And they have looked at the location and made sure they secure anything there also. Most importantly, they were prepared.

If you do not have a plan yet then it is time to get it together. You will need a checklist and have it ready – if you do not here is a sample checklist that you can use. If you do not feel qualified to put this plan together then contact a qualified marine survey to help you.

Captain Paul Squire is a marine surveyor in Fort Lauderdale that offers tips and information.