Marine Surveyor Inspection is Important in Palm Beach County

Having a trusted marine surveyor is of the utmost importance for every boat owner in Palm Beach County. Throughout the entire time that you own your vessel, you will need to rely upon the knowledge of an accredited marine surveyor for a variety of inspections. Of course, before you make the decision to purchase a particular boat, it would certainly be in your best interest to have a pre-purchase inspection performed. This will help to prevent you from wasting your money on a floating lemon, so to speak. The Palm Beach County marine surveyor will be able to provide you with the information necessary for you to make an educated decision about buying the vessel. Further, a pre-purchase inspection can provide you with a great tool for negotiating a better price for the boat. SIMEX INTERNATION – MARINE SURVEYORS are accredited marine surveyors offering pre-purchase inspections in Palm Beach County and Southeast Florida.

Complete Marine Insurance Evaluation Survey in West Palm Beach

Once you’ve finally made the decision as to which boat to purchase, you will need to get a complete marine insurance evaluation survey done. This is a requirement before any marine insurance company will consider insuring your vessel in West Palm Beach. Naturally, the marine insurance evaluation survey must be performed by an accredited marine surveyor. This is a very thorough inspection that must be provided to the insurance company. It helps them to understand the value of the boat, so they know the amount of insurance that you will require. SIMEX INTERNATIONAL – MARINE SURVETORS performs complete marine insurance evaluation surveys in West Palm Beach.

Marine Damage Surveys in Palm Beach County

As unfortunate as it is, accidents in which you vessel is damaged can very well happen. It doesn’t matter whether you are out in the water, or the boat is docked in the water or even in dry dock. Bad things happen. This is why you need to maintain insurance. After your boat is damaged, you’ll need to contact the insurance company as well as an accredited marine surveyor in Palm Beach County. The marine surveyor will need to perform a marine damages survey. This inspection will document the damages to the vessel for the insurance company to pay for the required repairs. SIMEX INTERNATIONAL – MARINE SURVEYORS offers marine damages surveys performed by an accredited marine surveyor in Palm Beach County and throughout Southeast Florida.


Capt. Paul F. Squire of SIMEX INTERNATIONAL – MARINE SURVEYORS is an accredited marine surveyor service Palm Beach County and all of SOUTHEAST Florida. Capt. Squire offers complete marine inspections and is also a marine consultant. Call 954-854-8181 to set up an appointment with Capt. Paul F. Squire of SIMEX INTERNATIONAL – MARINE SURVEYORS.