Getting a Marine Damage Survey

The whole purpose of having a marine damage survey performed is so that all of the damages sustained by the vessel are assessed and documented. This includes all of the systems, as well as the hull rig and every other square inch of the boat. The end report will include the probable causes of the reported damages, the recommended repairs to bring the vessel back to its original state, and the estimated expense to get the damages repaired. Until you get the report from the marine surveyor, you won’t know if the damage is minimal or if the vessel has been damaged beyond repair.

Vessel Evaluation Surveyor in Miami

Damages to the vessel can occur in a wide variety of ways, including:

  • Boat Trailer Accidents – One of the most common ways that a boat becomes damaged is while it is being transported on the trailer. Traveling at speeds that are unsafe, or simply forgetting that the boat is being trailered are popular excuses for such accidents.
  • Compromised Fuel Tanks – Any mode of transportation that uses gas is at risk for damage to the fuel tank. This could result in contamination of the vessel, or even fire.
  • Severe Weather – Being in South Florida, we regularly experience tropical storms and hurricanes. This severe weather can put a major hurting on a boat. Even when you think that the vessel is stored away safely, it isn’t failsafe. Weather can drastically damage the boat.
  • Sinking – Every mariner knows that there is always the slight chance that his vessel will sink. While this is absolutely devastating, let’s hope that if you ever experience this that no one is onboard.
  • Collisions – It doesn’t matter how careful you are, boat collisions happen every day. Whether you weren’t paying attention, the other boater was off in a daze, or one of you failed to pass properly, this happens.
  • Allision - While running into a stationary object really shouldn’t happen, occasionally it does in the boating world. Heck, people do it everyday while driving in their cars too. Paying closer attention can help avoid this problem.
  • Hitting Submerged Objects – Hitting submerged objects happens more often that you would imagine. Unless you are looking at sonar and can see what is below you, as well as its depth, the probability of this happening is certainly there.
  • Grounding the Vessel – Again, this happens more often than you can shake a stick at. Sandbars and underground formations can do a number on your vessel.

Of course, there are many more reasons that would cause damage to a vessel. These are some of the most common reasons boat owners need marine damage surveys in Miami. You can rest assured that the survey performed by Simex International will be very detailed and accurate for you and your insurance company.