From a Marine Surveyor: Storing your boat ashore

From Paul Squire a Marine Surveyor

The Atlantic Hurricane Season – day 12. A study by MIT after hurricane Gloria found that boats stored ashore were far more likely to be saved than boats stored in the water. This may not be an option for you, but if you own a smaller boat that can be removed, this is your best bet. Regardless of where you will store your boat, you need a plan. Marine surveyors across Florida are helping owners get ready for the season as we speak. If you are not sure of what you should do – then contact a professional marine surveyor as soon as possible.

So you have your plan and you have decided to store your vessel on land. Where are you going to store your boat and what do you need to do to secure her? You will want to make sure that your vessel is stored well above the anticipated storm surge. You will also want to consider the winds that come from even smaller storms. Make sure you have your boat secured to the trailer properly and that you have the trailer blocked and anchored well to the ground. If at all possible, store your boat in a garage or barn.

You will still need to make sure your boat is as water tight and wind resistant as you can. Tape, tape, and more tape. Stow anything that you can. You may need to add weight to the boat, so if it is being stored on your property then use her as a storage unit for non-perishable food items that you have stocked up on. Any marine surveyor will tell that your boat can never be too heavy when stored on land. You will want to use plywood placed under the wheels of the trailer to insure that you can pull her out when the storm is over.

This should all be a part of your plan. You should already have a checklist – if you do not here is a sample checklist that you can use. A responsible boat owner is ready and checking items off of their list. Are you ready?

Captain Paul Squire is a marine surveyor in Fort Lauderdale that offers tips and information.