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From a Marine Surveyor: Storing your boat ashore

Boats-stored-ashore-properly-286510 184x184From Paul Squire a Marine Surveyor

The Atlantic Hurricane Season – day 12. A study by MIT after hurricane Gloria found that boats stored ashore were far more likely to be saved than boats stored in the water. This may not be an option for you, but if you own a smaller boat that can be removed, this is your best bet. Regardless of where you will store your boat, you need a plan. Marine surveyors across Florida are helping owners get ready for the season as we speak. If you are not sure of what you should do – then contact a professional marine surveyor as soon as possible.

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From a Marine Surveyor: Storing your boat in a “Hurricane Hole”

Tropical-Storm-DebbieFrom Paul Squire a Marine Surveyor

This has been a very active Atlantic Hurricane Season so far. June is barely half over and Tropical Cyclone Debby has already been the 4th named storm. This is why a marine surveyor knows how important a plan is. The first step in that plan is deciding where you will store your boat during a major storm. We have already discussed a couple of options, but what about a “hurricane hole”?

Do you even know how to find one? If you do not then a consultation with a marine surveyor might be a good idea. A qualified marine surveyor will know the local area well and be able to help you determine the best place to store your vessel.

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Marine Surveyor Perspectives: Tropical Storm Debby damages Florida.

Another-Strike-from-Debby-50931 184x184This has been a very active Atlantic Hurricane Season so far. June is ending today and Tropical Cyclone Debby has already wreaked havoc on large portions of Florida. I have put together a gallery of the damage from this storm. This is just to show you what can happen if you are not prepared and you don’t follow your plan to protect your vessel. This is why a marine surveyor knows how important a plan is.

As you can see boats were damaged by wind, rain, and the storm’s surge. And it didn’t just cause damage to boats, yachts, and other vessels. It tore apart piers, docks, and caused damage to wildlife such as sea turtles. This should come as no surprise to a qualified marine surveyor. Having the experience of going through many storms here in Florida, I have seen this many times.

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Marine Surveys and the duties of a Marine Surveyor

Marine-Survey-6641 175x184Marine surveys usually include the structure, machinery and equipment (navigational, safety, radio, etc.) and general condition of a vessel. No certifications or payments are processed until the surveyor is satisfied that the vessel is in the proper condition. A marine survey is very complex and should only be performed by a qualified surveyor. A Marine surveyor is a qualified person that inspects or surveys marine vessels in order to determine and report on the condition of the boat or yacht. Marine surveyors will also inspect any equipment on each of the vessels to ensure compliance with various standards or specifications.

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