Getting a Marine Damage Survey

The whole purpose of having a marine damage survey performed is so that all of the damages sustained by the vessel are assessed and documented. This includes all of the systems, as well as the hull rig and every other square inch of the boat. The end report will include the probable causes of the reported damages, the recommended repairs to bring the vessel back to its original state, and the estimated expense to get the damages repaired. Until you get the report from the marine surveyor, you won’t know if the damage is minimal or if the vessel has been damaged beyond repair.

What to Expect from a Marine Surveyor

A trusted marine surveyor in Miami is a huge asset to every boat owner. They work very hard to provide the vessel owner with an accurate report regarding the condition and value of the boat. Whether you need a pre-purchase inspection or a marine insurance evaluation survey, it’s beneficial to have a surveyor you can trust.

The boat owner needs to have the boat ready for the survey. Everything that you store on the boat that is not absolutely essential legally. This includes all of your fishing gear, diving equipment, and anything else you’re storing there. The entire vessel must be meticulously clean. The bilges, compartments and every nook and cranny must be sparkling. If it isn’t, the inspector will be unable to do his job, and you will be required to reschedule.

The boat owner will need to make arrangements for the vessel to be removed from the water. Surveyors deal with facts, so they never just guess as to the condition of the vessel underwater. If they did, they wouldn’t be very ethical nor would they be doing the inspection appropriately. Besides, most lenders and insurance carriers require an out of the water inspection.