Nearly everyone in the Miami boating community is quite familiar with having marine surveys done. Of course, there is the required insurance evaluation survey and the pre-purchase survey. When something happens to your vessel, there is the marine damage survey. Marine surveys are facts of life when you own a vessel. This will help prepare you for your next survey.

Be On Time

There are times when a whole host of people need to be onsite for the inspection. Trying to get everyone’s schedule in sync can be difficult. Once a time is set up, be sure to be there on time. Even if one of these people are running late can cause the marine surveyor to cancel.

Marine Surveyor Inspection is Important in Palm Beach County

Having a trusted marine surveyor is of the utmost importance for every boat owner in Palm Beach County. Throughout the entire time that you own your vessel, you will need to rely upon the knowledge of an accredited marine surveyor for a variety of inspections. Of course, before you make the decision to purchase a particular boat, it would certainly be in your best interest to have a pre-purchase inspection performed. This will help to prevent you from wasting your money on a floating lemon, so to speak. The Palm Beach County marine surveyor will be able to provide you with the information necessary for you to make an educated decision about buying the vessel. Further, a pre-purchase inspection can provide you with a great tool for negotiating a better price for the boat. SIMEX INTERNATION – MARINE SURVEYORS are accredited marine surveyors offering pre-purchase inspections in Palm Beach County and Southeast Florida.

Inspect before You Buy a Boat

Now that our four children are all grown, out of college and living on their own, my husband and I decided to fulfill our dreams of owning a boat again. We’re not completely brand new to boating. We’ve had several boats in years past, but with expensive college tuitions and demanding careers, there just wasn’t enough money or time for boating. Although we knew exactly what we wanted feature-wise, neither my husband nor I are mechanically inclined in any sense of the word. I mean, I had to call an electrician to install a new light fixture in the dining room. We are definitely not mechanically inclined.

The Importance of a Marine Damage Survey

There will be a time when your vessel becomes damaged and will be in need of repair. I understand that this is never something that a boat owner wants to accept, but it is the truth. Accidents happen, whether you’re on land, sea or air. Nobody plans for them to happen; that’s why they’re called accidents. Damage can also occur from inclement weather, such as tropical storms and hurricanes. Although we do all that we can to protect our vessels, sometimes there’s nothing that can be done to avoid it.