Needed Help Going Bigger

From the time I was a boy, my family had always owned boats. Heck, I think I was about eight years old when my Dad proudly presented my with a rickety, old rowboat that was his when he was a kid. I was petrified the first time he pushed me out onto the lake. The thing was just so darned old that I thought I would sink right there while looking at my parents on shore. That’s one of my scariest, but fondest memories of my childhood.

The best thing that I gained from that experience was my love and respect for the water. This is what brought me from the lakes of Michigan down to the beautiful Atlantic Ocean at Fort Lauderdale as an adult. As my young family grew, so did my boats. They needed to be able to accommodate my wife and kids. Well, after six kids you can imagine that I needed a good sized boat for those overnight outings. I’m not good with the "his foot touched me" or "she hits in her sleep" thing. I want to relax on the boat and not deal with sibling issues.

My First Vessel on my Own

Numerous boats have come and gone while I was raising my family however; after my divorce, I was found boat-less for the first time in my adult life. Yes, my husband got custody of our vessel in the divorce. This felt almost as if I had lost custody of a child, except mine are all adults now. To be truly honest with you, the extent I participated in the buying process in the past was agreeing the boat was pretty and would accommodate the number of people who would be on board. Any of the boring details were left up to my ex to deal with.

The Best Marine Financial Evaluation Surveys Company in Fort Lauderdale

About six months ago, my father-in-law passed away suddenly which made the lives of his family turn upside down and shake wildly side to side. He wasn’t really old, and wasn’t sick a day in his life so it was a complete shocker that he just keeled over on the living room floor. Fortunately, he was smart enough to have a will however; he left my husband the nightmare of being administrator of his estate. In a nutshell, that meant that I had to print out all of the paperwork, get things organized, inventory every crazy knickknack he had in the house, and get values on the bigger things, like the house, cars and boat. You’ve got to love it when a husband is given the responsibility to do certain things and he asks his wife to do it.

The Best Marine Damage Surveyors in Fort Lauderdale

I must preface this that since I purchased my boat four years ago, I have had a great working relationship with the folks at Simex International – Marine Surveyors in Fort Lauderdale. It was the first time that I had purchased a boat so I needed somebody to help me with everything, and I mean everything. I was smart enough to have a pre-purchase inspection performed by Capt. Paul Squire before taking the proverbial plunge. He created a detailed report about the boat’s condition and what I should expect in the near future. I was so grateful for that. Of course, he also did the marine insurance evaluation survey for my insurance company. This was quite detailed as well.